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The founder Anil Kumar consistently puts his brain to work trying to inspire positive change and to communicate that optimism to all. He encourages entrepreneurs to look to the future and pursue seemingly impossible dreams, from commercializing space to solving the challenges of the needy. While other entrepreneurs of his era have occupied themselves with the customer experience, Anil has always focused on the basics. Today, he is known for making unorthodox decisions and his philanthropic activities, often based on his open-minded ideals and his desire to drag humanity out of what he sees as a slump and toward his idea of a better future.

Our mission is to create unique and timeless products for our Customers under the Brand GLOBERS.

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Look for ways to benefit society. Since 1982, Rambo Shoe Company has been providing world class footwear to hundreds of customers from all over the world. The founder Anil Kumar, a graduate realized that his talent was in shoe making. The mission-driven firm was founded by Anil Kumar in 1982 in Agra, India.



Sustainability is not only ingrained into Rambo shoe company’s ethos – it is the driving force behind the company’s business and operating models. Rambo shoe company continuously Simplifying  the manufacturing process with the help of integrating technology .

Today, the company’s day to day operations are handled by Davesh Kumar and Ankit (Anil Kumar Son)  has more than tripled the company’s turnover since taking the helm in 2012, demonstrating that a business can be both profitable and sustainable, he says that profitability is not the key priority, but It’s about much more important to do things right, and with a long-term approach.

Davesh and Ankit  believes that if a sincere step is taken by business houses then it would not take much to stop climate change and to reduce inequality between people in the world. He sees the company as a tool to change the world – by creating ample amount of job opportunities and proving that manufacturing industry is part of the ‘green shift’, and taking part in financing social sustainability.


Our Approach


Since 1982, we are dedicated to sustainability and ethical production. All of our footwear’s are created entirely by hand with sustainable materials. Rambo Shoe company strictly follows  the principal of  providing world class product at Honest Pricing.

World class footwear product with extreme Comfort.
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